Total Tracking Flexibility

  • Track All Visitors in the Facility
  • Track Contractors
  • Track Employees, including those leaving early or arriving late

Digital Image Capture

  • Webcam – photo capture of all check-ins
  • Driver’s License Scanner – copy their driver’s license for proper identification
  • Signature Pad – store a signature as an additional security measure

JiffyPass RFID System

  • Use JiffyPass Keyfobs, Cards and Custom Cards in conjunction with a JiffyPass Scanner
  • Quickly and Efficiently Check Employees, Visitors and Contractors In and Out
  • Easy Setup to Assign each Keyfob or Card to a Specific Person
  • Perfect for Employees, or Frequent Visitors and Contractors

Comprehensive Reporting

Access reports on all the information in the System

Quick & Easy Setup

Simply download and install, up and running in minutes

Easy to Use Kiosk Mode

Visitors can easily identify steps needed to proceed

Import / Export Data

Export to Excel and run more advanced reports and filters

Toll-Free Support

Available at no cost to registered users. Trained Technical Support Representatives help you with all your needs