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  • Custom JiffyPass RFID Card w/ Photo, Name, Title, and Company Logo


    These custom JiffyPass RFID Cards are the perfect check in/out solution for staff, or frequent visitors.

  • Driver's License Scanner


    This valuable piece of additional equipment allows record keeping of visitor and volunteer's driver's licenses.

  • Dymo Single Printer


    These are the printers you need to print all PGS badges for your business.

  • JiffyPass RFID Card

    from $3.00

    These generic JiffyPass RFID Cards come preprinted and are intended for use with frequent visitors.

  • JiffyPass RFID Keyfobs

    from $3.00

    Use it like a keychain to easily check in and check out of the company.

  • JiffyPass RFID Reader


    Get started with the PGS JiffyPass RFID reader. It makes checking in and out quick and accurate.

  • PGS Desktop Computer


    Get a desktop computer preloaded and configured for PGS.

  • PGS Desktop Package


    Everything your business needs right out of the box!

  • PGS Laptop


    Get a Laptop preloaded and configured for PGS.

  • PGS Laptop Package


    Everything you need for PGS right out of the box!

  • PGS Software License

    from $240.00

    Purchase your software license for PointGuard Security here!

  • PGS Visitor Labels

    from $9.75

    Use PGS Visitor Labels to print badges for visitors, contractors, or interns to stick to their shirts.

  • Report Printer


    Use this printer with PGS to generate all kinds of useful reports.

  • Signature Pad


    This useful accessory allows you to record visitor, employee, or intern signatures.

  • Webcam


    This webcam is tested to work perfectly with PGS.